Monday 30 January 2023

The Last Post

This will be my final post on Kent Dragonflies. After dwindling visitor figures due to the part I have not updated as much as I used too, I have finally decided to call it a day and concentrate on the birding. Many thanks to all the followers that have taken the time to visit and leave comments. They were all very much appreciated. I will of course still be making time for dragonflies which I shall post on social media. I am currently birding Nethergong and would very much like it if you would bookmark this page and follow @ Many thanks. 


  1. Marc, I did not comment that much on this blog but I did follow your posts. I added your Nethergong Birding blog to my list, succes.

  2. I'm very disappointed by this news, Marc. Your odonata photography has been wonderful, and a real inspiration to me. I will greatly miss your dragon blog posts. My very best wishes - - - Richard

  3. Can't believe what I just read here, but I'll learn to live with it though not easily.
    Whatever you do, wherever you go, my Best Wishes Marc....Pete.

  4. Sad day Marc but I will follow you on your birding blog as soon as I get sorted.