Friday, 16 December 2022

Some Photographic Highlights 2022

It's been another busy year with a number of visits made to sights to see some of Kent's finest dragonflies and damselflies. Although I probably didn't get out as much as I had wanted too, I was able to take a number of pleasing images to add to the memories. As ever, I could post many more but here are a selection of photos from the year. I hope you enjoy them.

Dainty Damselfly (Coenagrion scitulum) - mating pair

Dainty Damselfly (Coenagrion scitulum) - emerging 

Dainty Damselfly (Coenagrion scitulum) - male

Dainty Damselfly (Coenagrion scitulum) - nymph 

Golden ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii - male

Golden ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii - male

Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) - female

Norfolk Hawker (Aeshna isosceles) - male

Southern Migrant Hawker (Aeshna affinis) - emerging 

Willow Emerald Damselfly (Chalcolestes viridis) - male 

Many thanks for taking the time to look through. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a dragonfly filled 2023. 


  1. Your photographic highlights all meet the excellence expected from you Marc, and to be honest I don't think that poses any problem about what we can expect from you the next time Marc.

    A dragonfly filled 2023, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family Marc.

  2. These are fabulous images of some wonderful species, Marc. You may not have got out as much as you wished for, but the results are superb. My very best wishes for 2023 to you and the family - I'm looking forward to the inspiration that I get from your blog in the forthcoming year. Stay safe - - - Richard