Friday 12 April 2024

2024 Season is Off!

It feels like an age since I last posted but what felt like a long winter is finally over. With a few reports of Large Red Damselfly appearing over the past few days, I was keen to see whether any had emerged locally and with some rare warm sunshine today, I was dropped off at a warm Westbere at 11:00. I spent a good few hours walking around in glorious weather and managed to find 21 Large Red Damselfly and 13 Variable Damselfly. It felt like I had to remember how to photograph these mini marvels and it wasn't long until the macro was on and I was in stealth mode and taking a good few shots. I spent some time scrutinising the Variables making sure an Azure didn't creep through unnoticed and getting back into checking the pronotum and other id features was most helpful. Hopefully over the next few weeks their numbers will start to build up and other species will start to emerge. It always seems that for months nothing is around and then all of a sudden, all the species are emerging at once. It was certainly good to be back out photographing them and fingers crossed, the season is a good one filled with great experiences and hopefully... a good photo or two. 

Large Red Damselfly - female

Large Red Damselfly - male

Variable Damselfly - Immature female


  1. Lucky you! Wonderful photos too, Marc. Had a trip out this morning to a place near home that I only found recently, and it looks as if it has great odo potential - when the season eventually gets started up here.

    Best wishes - take good care - - - Richard

    1. Spoke too soon! Three LRDs emerged so far from my garden mini-pond today!

      Congratulations of the stunning Dragonfly News cover image!

      Best wishes - - - Richard

    2. Many thanks Richard for your kind words. I haven't received mine yet so look forward to seeing it. Glad your Large Reds are emerging and hope you are camped out getting photos of them. Take care.

  2. To echo Richard....'lucky you'. Sixteen weeks plus since we heard from you. Good to see you back and up and running Marc.


    1. Nice to see you've been counting the weeks Pete. Now the season is up and running I shall hopefully be posting more regularly on here. Glad to be back. Take care.

  3. You have depicted the damsels beautifully.
    Great to see macro photos again.
    Greetings Tinie

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