Monday, 23 February 2015

My Challenge This Year!

Whilst there are many missions and challenges this year including visits to see 2 new dragonfly species, Common Club tail Dragonfly and White faced Darter if I can make the time to travel out of the county to see them, the biggest challenge has to be to capture the whole process of a dragonfly nymph emerging from the water and capture the sequence in a selection of photos as its transforms into a dragonfly. I found a few species last year that had already emerged and were drying off and some that had just emerged and where hanging on to their exuvia but I have never been able to watch and photograph that moment when it all begins. I'm hoping I may be able to have a chance if any appear from my pond or even my tank but I like the thought of going out after dark and trying to find an Emperor Dragonfly emerging. This may present a few photographic challenges but hopefully I may end up with some nice photos out of it. Here are a few photos I took last year of a Common Blue Damselfly emerging, if only I was there a little earlier!

Newly Emerged Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Its all about if only Marc,
    Thats what keeps us going out :-)

    1. Very correct Warren. If everything worked out all the time it would probably be a bit boring, wouldn't it!!

  2. Beautiful images Marc. Lets think about going out and shooting something great.

  3. WOW pics are amazing. Have tried taking pics at local pond Testwood Lakes near New Forest but not an accomplished photographer as yourself.