Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hiding Hawker!

On a very frosty morning, I took a drive over to Nethergong campsite where I wanted to see if I could catch that elusive large Emperor Dragonfly nymph. After speaking with the owner Jed for a bit, I wandered on up to the pool which was nearly all frozen over. With this in mind I spent a short while looking where I managed to catch about 15 damselfly nymphs, mostly Azure Damselfly but hopefully a Common Blue Damselfly nymph amongst them which I shall have a better look at during the week. With a bit of time on my hands I then opted for a tank session to see what I could get. I must admit that I think the hawker nymphs look quite spectacular and its been interesting gaining more knowledge on the Brown Hawker nymph I am rearing in the tank. I've only see it strike once out at a small shrimp I think but i'm sure if I keep looking I will see this hunter in action. It spends most of its time sitting on the base of the tank in with the stones but every now and then will do a lap of the tank through the weed. After setting up and with the Brown Hawker nymph in position I set about getting a few more shots and after about half an hour I had a number of pleasing shots for my efforts. I'm not sure if this nymph will emerge this year as its got a bit of growing to do, perhaps it will suddenly start to grow quite quickly as the months pass on, I will have to wait and see!

Brown Hawker Nymph (25mm Long)


  1. Just keep feeding it those shrimps Marc! LoL

    1. Thats the plan Warren, plenty in the tank for it.

  2. These are becoming addictive.