Friday, 20 February 2015

Getting the Basics Right!

After my last few sessions photographing the Large Red Damselfly nymphs, I took a long hard look at the photos and tried to identify some areas that I thought I could improve on. Anyone having done this type of photography will know its a lot more than just point it at the glass and click away. I decided to go back to basics and almost check list like, work through the process and see where I could could improve them. I always have some water prepared for the tank so after giving the glass a good clean, clear water was added. I have noticed in previous shots that as the flash goes off, any sort of floating debris in the water is highlighted causing a distraction to the eye. Along with some clean weed and an added part of a small tree trunk for the background the set up at least looked quite clear, clean and natural through the viewfinder. All I needed now was a cooperative subject in which to photograph. Most larvae I have worked with are quite happy to pose or lay on a stick but in the case of the Large Red Damselfly, they seem to be very active and don't seem to want to stay still for that long. Last night I put a couple in the tank and let them settle down for a while. I had already set up the camera on the tripod ready and the tank was lit ready for action. After a bit of coaxing eventually one decided to pose for some shots on the small stones and small stick provided allowing me to spent a while exercising the shutter button finger. A few changes in settings provided me I think with my best efforts with this species thus far. It was also good to see the nymph seemingly communicate by moving its caudal lamellae, a feature I had read but not actually seen. It seems that the good preparation no doubt helped with the shots, sometimes we can overlook the obvious that needs to be done. Hopefully this will benefit me now for the next session which will no doubt happen very soon.

Large Red Damselfly Nymph


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  2. I agree Marc,
    Best quality and clarity images of the LR yet.............but just how do you ''coax'' a damselfly nymph :-) LoL

  3. I'm loving these posts/images of the Odonata larvae Marc...a really fascinating project

    1. Thanks Jason and Warren, its been helping me to tick over in these odonata quiet months. Not that long to wait now.

  4. These images are a real inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Gorgeous and captivating series, Marc!

  6. I've been watching your recent Odonata work, fascinating stuff and illustrated to a very high standard. Well done Marc.