Thursday, 19 February 2015

Still Trying for 'That' Shot!

With the family going out for a few hours, I spent some time watching the dragonfly and damselfly nymphs in the tank going about their business, they always seem to pose beautifully near the glass when i'm not set up with the camera! With this I was yet again tempted into some photography so after setting up I tried to get a few more shots of the Large Red Damselfly nymphs. This has to be the most active of the nymphs I have tried to photograph this year as they rarely stay still long enough for some shots, and when they do, there is invariably something in the way. I tried a few small sticks without much luck as they just kept hiding around the other side and so I put some small stones in the bottom where they seemed quite happy walking along them. After a frustrated hour I decided to stop and only ended up with a few usable shots. I'm still undecided whether the shots are better taken during the day in natural light or best at night when I can artificially light the tank. I shall carry on trying as its so far been most enjoyable, especially when it all works out and hope I can build on the success so far I have had taking the tank shots. 

Large Red Damselfly Nymph


  1. Frustrating work Marc :-)
    Getting a decent depth of field at such close distances is a nightmare aint it!! Cant wait until the Odonata are out later this year - then I can get frustrated too!!

    1. Its not easy but thats all part of the challenge. So many factors need to come together for any good shot to happen, clean glass, cooperative subject, clear water and background colour just to start with.

  2. Beautiful shots, it looks like it has three petals in the tail.