Wednesday, 25 February 2015

That Magical Moment

I visited a site last year south of Reculver a number of times which luckily for me is only a few minutes drive from home. On a few early morning visits I hoped to find a few damselflies at rest and while searching found a number of emerging Common Darters. On subsequent visits in the next few days, I continued to see some emerge and spent some time watching this magical moment when the dragonfly emerges from the larval case. A good check of the reedy margins revealed lots of exuvia but as of yet as mentioned in my last post, I still await seeing and photographing this mostly unseen event of nature. I did manage to take a few pleasing images of one that had just emerged and it was very nice to watch it dry off and take its maiden flight as an adult dragonfly, magic!

Newly Emerged Common Darter


  1. Dragonfly time draws nearer Marc, hang on in there!

  2. Great Common Darter, keep us knowing Marc.