Friday, 19 September 2014

Evening Visit Pays Off!

A quick visit over to Grove Ferry this morning produced a nice Kingfisher which showed well and allowed a few photos and despite the misty dull conditions, the results were not too bad. 


News had broke earlier in the day of a Wryneck at Reculver near the towers so after tea tonight about 6pm I took a drive down there to see if I could find it. Although lovely and sunny in Broomfield, as I drove down the mist soon thickened but it still remained quite bright. I had a good feeling about it being around and now the old caravan park is no longer in use and the grass and bushes have taken over, this is a superb habitat. I had the place to myself and started checking the grass below the fence line. After a while I caught sight of some movement in the grass and moving nearer a bird flew up into a tree revealing it was the Wryneck. I could partially see it in the bush and was just happy to connect with these superb little birds. One day I will get a showy bird here. I backed off and waited around for a while and eventually it appeared in the open where I was able to grab some 'record' shots. It soon flew back into cover but I left a happy man, mission accomplished. Hopefully it will remain overnight and be joined by some more migrants in the area.



  1. Wow, lovely Kingfisher, you have done it, beautiful.

  2. Three amazing Kingfisher Images,great Wryneck tick.

  3. I'd be happy just to see a Wryneck Marc, let alone point a camera at one!