Saturday, 20 September 2014

Large Red Damselfly Portraits

I spent some time this afternoon going through some photos of Large Red Damselflies taken earlier in the year. With hundreds saved to memory sticks and not even looked at yet I thought I would go through some and see how some turned out, the results with some were quite pleasing as most of the shots below were taken within only a few weeks of me getting the Sigma 150mm macro lens. Having got used to it now throughout the season, I wonder if I can improve upon these images next year with a monopod or tripod. A tough challenge I expect but I will look forward to giving it a go.

Large Red Damselfly


  1. Thats what i like to see Marc........skipping winter and looking to get straight into next spring!

  2. Absolutely stunning well done mate

  3. Przepięknie wykonane makro ,mnie zauroczyło ostatnie szczególnie :)

  4. Marc, I am sooo impressed with these close-ups!
    Your a dragon magician
    We miss your gorgeous photos on Dragonfly World, we have 2 new-comers, you should see our Poland friend's photos of laying mixta and grandis.... ;-)
    Cheers, keep well!