Thursday, 18 September 2014

Always Something to Observe and Learn

With a lot going on at the moment and not being to get out that much I made the most of an opportunity this afternoon and headed over to Reculver to see what dragonflies could be seen in the warm sunshine. The season is slowly coming to an end but a few dragonflies and damselflies are still on the wing and so it proved when I arrived. I soon found good numbers still of Common Blue Damselfly and observed some interesting behaviour which I have read about but not witnessed before. I found a mating pair of Common Blue Damselfly and as they flew down to the water to egg lay, the male stood guard whilst the female went c15cm under the water. I could see her clinging to the stems and egg laying but what surprised me was that she stayed down there for nearly 15 minutes. Eventually she emerged and although surely soaked, a quick flick of the wings and she was away again, amazing to watch. There were also good numbers of Migrant Hawker around and I couldn't help but try for a few more flight shots with some nice results.

Male Migrant Hawker

There were also good numbers of Common Darters around and a few posed for photos.

Mating Common Darters 

Male Common Darter

 A scan of some trees revealed 5 Willow Emerald Damselfly but I couldn't find a mating pair in the 'wheel' position, I shall keep looking for this photo opportunity. Hopefully the weather will be good for the weekend and I can find a few more dragonfly photo challenges to fill some of my time.

Male Common Darter


  1. Pretty things they are, lovely photos Marc.

  2. More that a little impressed once again Marc, brilliant photography.

    Sounds like I'm about to find myself in your situation, with 'a lot going on at the moment' and work to do at home....I'm not looking forward to it at all.

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