Monday, 28 July 2014

A Walk in the Wind

With the forecast looking a bit dodgy after midday I opted for a quick session this morning at 9am where not in ideal conditions for finding dragonflies I drove over to a site south of Reculver. On arrival it was cloudy and most annoyingly, very windy but I thought there might be a few sheltered areas where I could get looking. I spent about 2 hours wandering around and saw a few species including c50 Common Darter which provided the camera with a little action this morning including a nice close up of the compound eyes.

Common Darter

Also seen were hundreds of Common Blue Damselfly but despite being everywhere were not easy to get any photos of. I managed a few shots later on which despite the cloud and dull skies, did not turn out too bad.

Common Blue Damselfly

Moving on I noted 1 female Emperor Dragonfly, 4 Black tailed Skimmer, 1 Ruddy Darter, lots of Blue tailed Damselfly, 3 Small Red eyed Damselfly and c10 Emerald Damselfly. With the clouds getting even darker and drizzle in the air I walked back to the car and within a few minutes was home putting the kettle on. Lets hope this weather improves in the next few days and that I can get out in between family events for a few hours to find a few dragonflies.

Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Great pics Marc!
    The female Common Darter is gorgeous but special congratulations for the sharpness of the Common Blue Damselfly pics without much light!
    I often give up when the day is dull!!
    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Nice set of shots Marc, it was bit windy today for photography wasn't it! Weather looks like improving for a while at least this week :-) Good hunting, hope to see a Brown Hawker on this site soon mate!

    1. I might try later in the week for them if I can get out. Up until now, they just keep beating me.

  3. Superb shot of the Darters eye!! Great photos as ever Marc!!