Sunday, 27 July 2014

Small but Beautifully Formed

After spending a few hours early morning yesterday walking at Reculver, there was not a lot to be seen on the bird front so after the weather started to warm up I called in to a site south of Reculver for a look around for dragonflies. As I walked through the long grasses Common Darters were flying out at every step as were lots of Common Blue Damselfly. A few Emperor Dragonfly were seen at rest at a distance but the target was again to see if I could find any more Southern Emerald or Scarce Emerald Damselfly and maybe a Southern Migrant Hawker would be nice. Along with Matt Hindle who joined me we spent some time going through all the Emerald Damselfly trying to find our targets. Despite this we drew a blank but I would like to believe that somewhere down there are a a few more Southern and Scarce Emeralds. On the way back there were a few Black tailed Skimmer and Ruddy Darter but it was nice to find a male Small Red eyed Damselfly away from the water which enabled me to grab a few shots of this still scarce species in most parts of the country. They really are quite small as the name suggests but a good number are in this area and numbers continue to rise. Hopefully a few birding and dragonfly sessions in the next week weather permitting, I'm not finished yet with those Brown Hawkers and I would love to find a local Southern Migrant Hawker, fingers crossed, you never know!

Small Red eyed Damselfly


  1. Cracking shot Marc...we have had good numbers of these emerge in Worcestershire this year...cracking looking little Damsels

  2. Had a few those here one year Marc......but the pool dried up! Brown Hawkers are right buggers to get an image of!!

    1. Iv'e tried for a few years now wuthout much success. I think i'm going to have to find one early morning or late evening if possible and pray for good light.

  3. Nice shot Marc, I must have another go at the dragons. I did see a brown hawker this am but it didn't stop!