Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Catching Up With The Chaser

One of the sites that I have regularly visited this year near Reculver have seen a good number of Four spotted Chasers. Although they are generally quite common around, although literally just across the road in Reculver airspace I have yet to see this species and it remains a scarce species there. With finding a few good species at this site this year, Lesser Emperor Dragonfly, Southern Emerald and Scarce Emerald Damselfly, I have often ignored this species with the camera and made it a priority the last session to get an image of this Chaser. Most of the time they were busily patrolling territories and landing out of reach for the camera but I found an individual that wasn't in too bad condition that was regularly using the same perch. I took a number of shots with a few turning out not too bad, changes angles occasionally to try to get a photo with a clean background which was a challenge with plenty of background noise to contend with, reeds, branches etc. Just the one photo today, no need for lots. I like the angle on this one with a hint of glare on the wings. Simple pleasures that we get from taking photos of these fascinating dragonflies.

Four spotted Chaser


  1. Just one shot - its a good 'un though ;-) Not seen any 4 spots here for over a month now.