Saturday, 15 June 2013

I Feel Lost!

I woke up early as usual this morning but for once decided to stay in and have a longer sleep. I knew I had no camera and already feeling quite low, I could not really be bothered to go out. I know the cameras not the important thing, its getting out and finding and seeing wildlife but I seemed to be walking around lost without it. After getting up and getting ready I called into Reculver at 8am where I thought I would see what Dragonflies were on the wing. In the sheltered areas there were lots of Common Blue Damselflies with 1 Red eyed Damselfly also noted. A Hobby dashed through as I left to drive to Canterbury to see what the damage was going to be for the camera. With postage etc it looks likely to be around £120 which I'm sad to say will probably have to wait a few moths at this rate. Derek Smith has kindly offered to lend me his old Canon 10d which I will use but to be honest, I can slowly see my postings fizzling out in the next few weeks. I called into East Blean woods afterwards where there were still no adults flying but I did see 10+ Heath Fritillary caterpillars but a call from Derek Smith raised hopes as he had seen some in nearby Thornden Woods. With the sun still out I drove over and soon found the area he had seen some in. Thankfully despite the strong winds I did see 1 Heath Fritillary butterfly which looked in pristine condition. It was just a shame I could not take any photos! Instead here are a few from previous years.

Heath Fritillary


  1. We all need that incentive to get us ''up and out'' Marc.

    God knows its been lacking with this awful summer weather, and in my case other reasons too :-(

    I agree with you though, if you haven't got your camera on your shoulder, it feels like a big part of the reason for getting out is missing!

    No problem with taking a blogging break till your camera's fixed though, so long as you come back later in the year! i'll not be the only person who will miss your superb photo's if you don't :-)

  2. Low low low, life without the camera is not worth living. Keep your head up with the joy when its ready. Those Butterflies are so superb.