Friday, 14 June 2013

Camera Nightmare!

After finishing work tonight I made a visit to Westbere Lakes and hoped that as the sun was shining and the wind had dropped there would be quite a bit of Dragonfly and Damselfly activity. I had only just arrived when I saw a few Dragonflies on the wing and so headed their way. I was soon watching the first of 5 Scarce Chaser seen today and so got the camera out for some action. As I pressed the shutter button nothing happened. I tried again but nothing happened. I looked at all the settings and they looked good so once again I tried but only when I pressed it very hard did a shot go off. What a bloody nightmare. Iv'e only had the camera a few weeks and it looks likely that it will have to go into repair for some while. Having just paid out for it, I can't see me having it for a while unless it can be repaired at a reasonable price. Bring back the 500d, that never let me down! After having a moan to myself I worked out that I could get a few shots although a number come out blurred due to me pressing the shutter button quite hard and the camera moving.

Scarce Chaser

However there were a good number of Dragonflies seen with a nice immature male Broad bodied Chaser which posed nicely as they do, 3 Hairy Dragonfly, 1 freshly emerged Black tailed Skimmer, 20+ Banded Demoiselle were near the river and lots of Variable and Azure Damselflies lined the pathways with lesser numbers of Red eyed Damselflies. 

Broad bodied Chaser

A Grass Snake was seen swimming across the water and 2 Marsh Harrier passed over. As I returned back to the entrance I spent a while fighting with the camera to try and get a few more Scarce Chaser shots as the light was showing them off nicely. It looks like the old Nikon Coolpix 7600 will be called out of retirement in the next few sessions. I just hope whatever I photograph does not mind me getting too close for the odd shot, we shall wait and see!

Scarce Chaser


  1. Sorry to hear about the camera problems Marc. The images you rescued are very good.

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  3. Marc ,
    I can just imagine how you felt when the shutter didn't work .
    Bet the air was blue .
    Hope you get it sorted quickly , and that it doesn't cost the earth .

  4. Still decent images despite the Camera malfunction Marc.

    What a bit of bad luck getting a faulty camera, my 50D gets some rough treatment at times, but keeps going ! Just luck of the draw I suppose!

  5. Marc....I have to join the well wishers for your speedy camera repair, and considering the time you had it 'repaired under warranty' out of it or not. Push hard on this one Marc, a warranty on a camera this price doesn't end when the date is past I can assure you....not so soon past anyhow.



  6. Marc I brought my 1d Mark3 nearly 4 years ago, last year I had exactly the same problem you've developed with the 50d. Pete is spot on about the warranty, mine was covered under the warranty under "good faith" by Canon at Lehmans Brothers in Stoke and had the camera back in 3 days, the fault was sand/grit had got in via the tiny gap around the shutter button and was preventing the shutter button making decent contact, sounds silly but was told (if you haven't sent it in for repairs) hold the camera upside down and either blow or use one of those sensors blowers to try and dislodge the dust.