Saturday, 14 March 2015

A 'Common' Sight Soon!

Having found and photographed a few species in the past few months, I decided that I had not caught and photographed many Common Blue Damselfly nymphs so after work last week I made the effort to find a few. I spent a while searching and ended up with some and although some damselfly nymphs can be hard to id, the Common Blue Damselfly has often between 1 and 3 lines on the caudal lamellae which thankfully can often be seen with the naked eye. After returning home with a few I set up the tank in the evening where I spent some time photographing them and checking more id features with the books that I had not seen before on them. Although no adult dragonflies and damselflies are on the wing yet, I have been quite successful during the winter having photographed Common Blue, Azure, Blue tailed, Large Red and Red eyed Damselfly as well as Broad bodied Chaser, Brown Hawker and Emperor Dragonfly. Today, Saturday I made a visit to a river survey in Sturry where they managed to catch c15 Banded Demoiselle nymphs of varying sizes, another new nymph species I have never seen before. I have a few at home to photograph before I return them back to the river so guess what I shall be doing later tonight! Hopefully a few results to share in the next few days.

Common Blue Damselfly Nymph


  1. Aren't they adorable, you can't beat them.

  2. Are these two the same species marc, one has three tail 'bits' the other has 'two' :-)

    1. The same species Warren, just 2 different individuals. Well noticed.