Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Silver in the Hills!

With the dark evenings here and not much time to get out and do any birding or take any kind of photographs or so it feels, Iv'e been looking through some memory sticks at a few butterfly shots. It at least keeps the blog ticking along and its nice to see some of these shots again. The Silver spotted Skipper is a nationally rare butterfly with a handful of sites in southern England. Luckily there is a site not too far from me. Lydden Downs where this butterfly appears each year in quite good numbers. I didn't make the trip this year but the shots below were taken in 2013. I will continue to look through some of my better attempts and post a few shots as the weeks pass by.

Silver spotted Skipper


  1. Wow; I've never heard that one, nice one Marc. Excellent photos.

  2. I have to be honest and join Bob in confessing to never having heard of this one. I find that hard to believe and must now go to look it up. Brilliant images of course Marc.