Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Few More Faves!

Having sold the camera this week to a work colleague, I am busy saving at the moment for a new (ish) one. I'm thinking of getting a Canon 7d which seems to be a popular and good camera and some of the dragonfly shots taken with this model look pretty good indeed on the blogs that I follow. Thankfully Chidders has helped me out and lent me his Canon 40d for a while, very much appreciated mate. I spent a few hours this morning at Nethergong where I mixed a bit of birding and pond dipping. I managed to catch 1 Hairy Dragonfly nymph and c30 Common / Blue tailed Damselfly Nymphs. I did take a few shots but it may take me a while to get used to the camera. In the mean time here are a few more of my favorite shots from the year, no doubt there will be more!

Brown Hawker 

Emerging Common Blue Damselfly 

Newly Emerged Common Darter 

Downy Emerald 

Emerald Damselfly 

Golden ringed Dragonfly 

Hairy Dragonfly 

Large Red Damselfly


  1. I thought that you had a Canon 7D? These are fabulous Marc.

    1. Most of my dragonfly shots the past 2 years have been with the Canon 50d. I'm hoping maybe a 7d will give me a little more quality?

  2. Marc,
    When you get the 7D, be patient, it takes time to adjust your technique to suit it, just like when you had to with the Sigma Macro lens, :-) The dials and controls are almost the same as the 50D so that helps :-)

  3. Love the Brown Hawker, only ever seen one and that was a fly-by.
    Also the Hairy Dragonfly. Determined to get shots of both next year. Sue