Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Couple of My Favourites

The dragonfly season has now seemingly finished in my area and with the year drawing to a close, its that time when I look back through some of my favorite shots that I have taken throughout the year. Thankfully there are quite a few favorites which I will post in the next few weeks but in looking through some, there are two shots in particular that I was really pleased to get. Both shots required some planning and a few hours work to get the shot I had visualised in my head. A few months later I am still looking at these shots, the top one is framed on my wall at home as a nice memory and to capture the Norfolk Hawker in flight at that angle was really rewarding. Some more to follow soon but I hope you enjoy what probably will be my two favorite shots of the year. 

Common Blue Damselfly at Sunrise

Norfolk Hawker


  1. You can't beat it, excellent photos.

  2. I have to agree a couple of cracking shots Marc.

  3. Marc,
    You could probably write a story around that top shot. :-)

  4. An excellent couple of favourites to start off with Marc, with the Norfolk hawker in flight nothing less than brilliant.

  5. The best part about dismal days like this is going through the best shots taken through the year. These are absolute crackers!! Looking forward already to next year and hopefully getting over your way for the Norfolk Hawker and the Willow Emerald.