Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Nymphs of Nethergong!

I had a brief visit to Nethergong Campsite late afternoon where I spent some time at the pond looking for dragonfly and damselfly nymphs. It didn't take long until I had caught about 10+ Hawker larvae, all Emperor Dragonfly I think at various stages. One individual was very brown in colour but looking at the shape and size of the eyes, I think it is still an Emperor. I took a few shots of this individual, both topside and underside.

Emperor Dragonfly Nymph 

I also caught 2 Broad bodied Chaser nymphs or so I think they are but my photo attempts were not that good, another excuse for a visit soon. Every time I pulled the net up there seemed to be good numbers of damselfly nymphs in the weed, a few very green in colour which I read is a feature of Common Blue Damselfly and I took a few shots of them to help with the identification. When I looked up close I thought the green individual was a Common Blue Damselfly, it seems both Common Blue and Blue tailed Damselfly have the band on the tip of the femora.

Damselfly Nymph 

Again a very pleasant session, still lots to learn and maybe a small magnifying glass will help sort out some of these tricky damselfly identification issues. I would appreciate some more help with these photos today, just to confirm or point out why a particular species is what it is. Weather permitting, hopefully another visit soon to see if I can catch some more Hawker nymphs and maybe get a few better images of the Chaser larvae.


  1. My Dragonfly book lumps the Common Blue and Azure Blue nymphs together.....no help there.! Something to scan the internet for once the weather gets too wet for going out :-)

  2. You must of had nice weather, beautiful dragonflies images.

  3. Marc ,
    Would agree with your Emperor ID , but my key to larvae leads me to thinking Azure Damselfly for the green one .
    I did mention it was going to be difficult with the damselflies , the caudal lamellae , the 3 'tails' , playing a major part .
    Have also sent an email .

    1. Cheers Greenie. Will have to look at the Caudal Lamellae through the magnifying glass to see the patterning next time.