Wednesday, 24 September 2014

'Shrike' It Lucky!

Having seen a few photos of the obliging juvenile Red backed Shrike at Seasalter the past few days, I thought I would pop over this afternoon and see if I could see it and get a few shots. I arrived in the area and soon found a few familiar faces firing away at the Shrike and a few minutes later I joined them. Every now and then in birding you get a bird which just wants its photo taken and seems to show really well, really closely. This was that individual for the Red backed Shrike performed brilliantly for the three of us at about 3 metres range. Every feather detail could be seen and it was great to study the bird at close range and get a few pleasing photos. At times it would fly closer and having not seen many humans before, it certainly showed no fear of us. After a while we left it in peace and no doubt it will hopefully show well for the others that visit. A great moment and if only all birds would show like this!

Juvenile Red backed Shrike


  1. Oh yes, beautiful Shrike, the best.

  2. Thats why we keep going out with the camera's Marc! Just hoping to find an obliging bird that's out of the ordinary! What a stonking set of images mate. Three meters, would be no good for me though, my 400mm lens only has a close focus of 3.5 meters, LoL

  3. You could almost touch it,brilliant images.
    What a gift.