Monday, 22 September 2014

Time Well Spent In The End!

I have spent a few good hours in the past few weeks at Grove Ferry, early mornings, after work and weekends trying to capture one of the Kingfishers from the Feast or Harrisons hide. For most of the time the posts have remained empty but Kingfishers have been seen flying past them, landing in the bushes next to the hides and hovering over the water. So far I have only managed a few shots of them and although quite pleasing, the light has never been quite where I wanted it to be or the background colour has not done the photo justice. Thankfully, all the factors come together over the weekend when I made a visit to Grove Ferry, a quiet hide, good sunlight and a Kingfisher present, a juvenile female I believe. I was treated to c10 minutes where she sat in the sun posing for photos. She didn't fish at all but flew off once to hover before she flew off down the channel and out of sight. Words can never describe these experiences and although I have literally hundreds of shots, I will never tire of watching these superb colourful birds and I hope there are many more experiences to come. You an never have the perfect shot but I am very pleased with these results.



  1. Stunning Marc! You've done the Kingfisher justice there :-)

    1. Cheers Warren, possibly my best attempts so far. The sun makes a big difference.

  2. Cracking Kingfisher images Marc, well worth the time put in.

  3. Pretty Kingfisher Marc. Excellent photos.

  4. Wow absolutely stunning, spending any time with Kingfishers is always a pleasure but to manage photos like that as well, proves patience pays off.

  5. I agree completely, these birds are magnificent and we need top conditions to get pictures worth what our eyes see.
    Brilliants photos, Marc