Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to Work 'Blues'

Its been back to work this week after a few weeks off and with no time at all to get out with the camera at all, I managed one final session last week at Grove Ferry where I made a visit to the Feast hide to see if the Kingfisher would arrive. I had put in a few hours in the few days before where each time the Kingfishers of which I saw 3 at one point were present but always teased by either flying past the posts and not landing or more frustratingly, landing and fishing in full view on the far side of the pool. Eventually after 5 hours of sitting and waiting, the male flew in for c10 minutes to fish on the posts outside the hide. The sun had moved around a bit by now and was quite tricky at times to get the whole bird in the sun but what a treat to just watch and photograph this stunner from close range. He sat patiently and dived twice with no luck and after a while moved off further to the back of the pool again. All the hours of waiting finally paying off thankfully, hopefully a return visit again soon if they continue to show. You can never have enough Kingfisher shots!

Kingfisher (male)


  1. Beautiful images Marc, it is small with large beak. Excellent shooting.

  2. I was getting worried Marc....not used to you being absent for a week. Good to see the reason why not, and that you are back, though not back to school of couse.

  3. Marc.
    All that time and effort that you put in to get those Kingfisher pictures was well worth it, they terrific. Have a good w/end.

  4. Some great pics. Spent 6 hours over at Sevenoaks on Thursday and whilst I saw 2 Kingfishers about 6 times neither settled on the posts in front of Willow hide.

  5. I spent months following Kingfisher,and came away with good results.
    Your images however,are amazing,must give it another go next year,time permitting.

  6. Nice one Marc,
    I got the branch, just need the Kingfisher now :-)

  7. Hey Marc,
    Fantastic shots!!
    So very well done!!

    Greetings, Marco