Friday, 29 August 2014

A Few Dragonflies from Nethergong

Whilst camping the other day I had an hour or so where I took a wander around while the kids were pond dipping. Migrant Hawkers were everywhere with some perching up in the reeds, not the greatest background colour at all but a nice chance to photograph this species again.

Migrant Hawker

Along the dykes were a few Common Darter which allowed a few shots to be taken and a Brown Hawker was busily patrolling up and down the ditches and unbelievably come to rest the other side of a ditch from me.

Male Common Darter

Despite the water in the way and the distance, it was just nice to see a perched Brown Hawker. This superb place has a lot to offer for dragonflies and hopefully I can return later in the year to take a few more larvae shots. 

Male Brown Hawker


  1. On a wander whilst the kids were pond dipping, you ought to be ashamed of yourself !!

    More excellent work on the Hawker/Darters Marc.

  2. You're gonna miss those Odonata come the winter Marc! Mind you, I think I will as well!!

  3. Aren't they so pretty, nice work again.

  4. Brilliant photos Marc!
    Believe it or not, I still haven't seen the Migrant hawker yet this year!!
    But I caught up with the A. affinis!!
    Always in awe of your Brown hawkers! :)

    1. Marc,
      You are welcome at home if you wish to see Trithemis annulata. They are still on the wing until the end of september here.
      I am not sure we'll still be in France next year... ;-)

    2. PS:
      I hadn"t seen your publication on Dragonfly World before posting my comments.
      You have a some questions to answer on your post!!
      Brilliant choice for your banner, I guess this one is there to stay for a bit!! ;-)

    3. I do like this banner, one of my favorite shots. Back to work for me tomorrow now, thanks for the invite, would love to be able to come over to see them but I don't think there is time this year.