Saturday, 14 June 2014

They're Spreading, Get Looking!

With the sun finally coming through late afternoon although it was still very cloudy, I made a visit to a site to see what was around. I was hoping to re find the Lesser Emperor which was seen by someone yesterday but despite a good look around in not ideal conditions, I did not find it. There was a strong breeze and the sun spent more time in than out but when it did appear the place was alive with damselflies, Black tailed Skimmers and a few Four spotted Chasers. As I was scanning over the water I could see a dragonfly in a small bay and I could not believe what it was, a Norfolk Hawker. I just seem to be bumping into this species everywhere at the moment and it begs the question, how many are out there? I spent c10 minutes watching as it flew around before it flew out of the bay and was lost to view. I expect there are more to be found in the next few weeks and I'm sure if you check ditches and dykes in east Kent, others will be found. Moving on I found a sheltered spot where there were c30 Emerald Damselfly, some males maturing nicely which gave me the chance to get a few shots although the sun was not at its best. Also in this area were a few Common Darter and as I walked back to the car a few Black tailed Skimmer and 2 Emperor Dragonfly were observed. Fathers Day tomorrow but hopefully I can get a few hours in somewhere in the morning looking for dragonflies although the weather does not look that good.

Immature Female Emerald Damselfly 

Male Emerald Damselfly

Immature Male Emerald Damselfly


  1. I am besotted by them, Damselflies, excellent photos.

  2. Amazing damselflies, amazing photography Marc.

    1. Thanks Pete, must admit that i'm loving this type of photography. So much to learn.

  3. Top shots here too!
    Done with the Sigma or 300 Canon?
    The sharpness is fabulous!
    That a species I should normally see down here, but funny enough I never saw it.
    As you replied to Pete, with dragons, it is learning non-stop... Fun and interesting!

  4. Piękne ,czyste foto .Ładnie pokazane
    Pozdrawiam :}