Friday, 20 June 2014

A Kent Lesser Emperor Dragonfly!

After finishing work tonight I made a visit to a private site in East Kent where I wanted to see if the Lesser Emperor Dragonfly I saw last week was still around. I walked around in nice warm sunshine and saw plenty of dragonflies including many mating pairs of Black tailed Skimmer, a few Four spotted Chaser, 3 Emperor Dragonfly, c5 Emerald Damselfly and many Common Blue Damselflies. I had searched the water a few times for the Lesser Emperor with no joy and was beginning to think it might have moved on when a while later as I continued on I saw an Emperor flying around over a grass bank where it seemed to be hanging around. As I got nearer I could see the unmistakable blue saddle of a male Lesser Emperor Dragonfly. The next mission after watching it for a few minutes was to try and get a photo, something as you an see I did  not do very well! It was very hard to follow in the camera and most attempts were blurry but at least you an make out that it is a Lesser Emperor Dragonfly, a good dragonfly to see any year in Kent.

Male Lesser Emperor Dragonfly

Its nice to know its still around and maybe I an go back for another attempt soon. Weather permitting on Sunday, I shall be driving down to the New Forest to meet a local dragonfly enthusiast who is hopefully going to show me around and find 2 new species for me I have never seen, Southern and Scare Blue tailed Damselfly. Fingers crossed for a good day weather wise for then and plenty of camera action too.


  1. Marc ,
    Well done with the Lesser Emperor , still waiting for one .
    Have sent 2 emails with details you asked for , but haven't heard that you have received either . AOL mail not working well for me at the moment .

    1. Greenie
      Thanks for the email, I only received this afternoon but got it now. Will hopefully make a visit there soon. Cheers.

  2. Lesser Emperor isn't a good dragonfly in Kent Marc, it's a great one! Congrats for getting some flight shots of it.

  3. Nice find Marc, good luck for Sunday

  4. Nice one Marc...not a species I have been lucky enough to connect with as yet!

  5. The blue ''Saddle'' on that Emperor is striking Marc, makes for an easy ID. Weather looks good for Sunday, good luck with that.