Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Flight Challenge!

After finishing work later tonight I called in at Westbere to see if any dragonflies were on the wing and notably to see if the Norfolk Hawkers were still around. As I arrived in the area I saw the first of 4 Brown Hawkers flying around low over the reedbeds but never stopping for any photos. I met up with Dave Bushell who had seen up to 5 Norfolk Hawkers during the afternoon which is pretty amazing. There were a few Black tailed Skimmer on the path taking in the sun and 1 Hairy Dragonfly was seen. I could not spot any Norfolk Hawkers where they were yesterday but was told of one on a pool not far away. We all took a walk around and soon found 1 Norfolk Hawker patrolling the pool and resting up nicely. Having took some shots over the past few days I thought I would take up the challenge of trying to catch the Hawker in flight, not an easy task I assure you. I spent some time failing miserably with blurred images, empty images where I had completely missed the Hawker and a couple which were kind of reasonable which are posted below, just a shame they were facing the wrong way!

Norfolk Hawker

I left the Hawker in peace and licked my wounds as I walked back somewhat beaten by the challenge, but I shall return! As I scanned the pools on the way back I noticed a male Scarce Chaser which allowed me to grab a few shots. 

Male Scarce Chaser

Also seen were lots of Red eyed Damselfly and Blue tailed Damselfly. Another warm day tomorrow and hopefully a few more Dragonflies will appear for photos.


  1. Absolutely brilliant photos Marc.

  2. It's a real challenge to get flight images of Dragons Marc, ive tried and failed :-( Looks like you had more success though!

    Lots of decent weather ahead so lots more chances :-)

  3. Hi,what can I say,but just more brilliant photo`s.