Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Emeralds in the Sun!

Whilst at work today I received a text from Chris Tedder letting me know that there were 4 Emerald Damselflies at Highstead along with the commoner species. I have only seen 1 Emerald before, an adult at Chambers Wall last year and having seen a few teneral Emeralds a few weeks ago I thought I would have a quick look to see if any adults were to be seen. I had a quick walk around the area at Highstead after work noting 3 Common Darter, c20 Black tailed Skimmer and 4 Emperor Dragonfly with one allowing me to grab a few pleasing efforts without the twigs in the way, I only wish it was a male!

Emperor Dragonfly

Moving on there were lots of Common Blue Damselfly and I found one in a nice position looking at me directly straight on. I managed a few shots last year of one in this position so I attempted a few more with a few pleasing results.

Common Blue Damselfly

As I made my way back to the car I took at look at the waters edge and as I approached I disturbed an Emerald Damselfly, a teneral individual. I took a quick look in the area and managed to eventually find 5 Emerald Damselfly including 3 adults which provided me with some much better shots of this species.

Male Emerald Damselfly

A look at the waters edge provided yet more Black tailed Skimmers and then a male Red veined Darter flew in and landed on a convenient stick over the water. I was just about to get a few wanted shots with the 50d when a Black tailed Skimmer flew in and chased the Darter away. I tried to follow but soon lost it and I never saw it again. I shall have to return and spend a little more time in this area and hopefully the Darter will return and pose for those shots I desire. Other bits noted included good numbers of Blue tailed Damselfly and I managed to see my first 3 Gatekeeper butterflies of the year.

Male Emerald Damselfly


  1. Another great set Marc, it's great that this weather has finally given them the chance to get on the wing.

  2. All excellent images Marc, the Common Blue takes the prize though. Nice one :-)