Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Darting Session!

With the sun finally coming through eventually today I made another trip to Highstead in the hope of connecting with the male Red veined Darter. As I walked to the area Common Blue Damselflies were abundant and there were a few Gatekeepers and 'Whites' flying around. As I approached the gravel pit Black tailed Skimmers were everywhere and a few Common Darters rose from the grasses as I walked through. Where the water has dropped due to the heat of late this has provided a nice warm area of mud where some of the dragonflies lay and take in the sun. I walked along here scanning in front of me when not far in front I could see a male Red veined Darter. It took off a few times but returned but was quite hard to get near and get some shots of. I eventually in sniper mode got a few usable images before it vanished and like yesterday I could not refind it.

Male Red veined Darter

With at least the 50d getting some shots of the Darter I went in search of Emeralds where a few minutes later I had found 6 Emerald Damselflies including 3 adults. I took a few shots before walking back to the car noting lots of Blue tailed Damselflies and 1 Emperor Dragonfly.

Emerald Damselfly

I might be able to get out tomorrow but Saturday will be spent at Thursley Common in Surrey looking for the delights of Golden ringed Dragonfly, Small Red Damselfly, Black Darter, Downy and Brilliant Emerald to name a few. A trip I have been very much looking forward too.

Common Darter


  1. Sounds a great place for the Odonata Marc, I really have to search hard here for even the common Stuff!

    Sure Thursley will deliver some goodies for, I look forward to some more excellent images :-)

  2. Great shots, Marc! Good luck on your trip Saturday!

  3. Cracking selection of Odonata photos Marc. Red-veined Darters are stunners aren't they...I'm hoping we get them in Worcestershire again this year