Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Small Blues at Reculver

I received a text yesterday from Julian Perry letting me know that he had found 4 Small Blue butterfly at Reculver so with this in mind and the sun trying to break through I made a brief visit after work to the area. I saw Small Blue here around the same date last year but they were really worn but Julian assured me that they were fresh individuals and probably had not been on the wing for that long. As I walked to the area I noted 1 Common Buzzard, 1 Chiffchaff and the first of 3 Red Admiral seen today. The sun was not quite breaking through but I hoped the temperature would have them on the wing. Arriving in the area the first butterfly seen was a Small Heath, followed quickly by 2 Common Blue with one posing nicely allowing me to grab a few shots with the 10d.

Common Blue

I searched for a while not seeing any Small Blue but to pass some time I photographed a few Orchids including Bee Orchid and Southern Marsh Orchid. I was about to give up when I disturbed the first of 3 Small Blue which posed nicely allowing yet more camera action.

Small Blue

As I photographed this individual I saw the other 2 nearby resting and spent some time trying to grab a few more shots. These are scarce butterflies in Kent with only a handful of sites to see them in so a real privilege to have these on the patch.

Small Blue

The sun never did really get through but I left contented that I had seen them at Reculver again. Still no camera news but I will try out the 10d on the Heath Fritillary in the next few days, weather permitting!

Bee Orchid 

Southern Marsh Orchid


  1. Some cracking photos Marc, not a lot wrong with that 10D. Love those Small blue very smart !

  2. Lovely little creatures those Small blues Marc, a battle to get them well focused i bet! Nice job though mate :-)

  3. Brilliant butterflies Marc and the Orchids are superb.