Sunday, 2 June 2013

More Dukes, Blues and Skippers!

With a good few hundred shots taken in the last few days I thought I had better go through some of them to see if any had come out on the pleasing side. Whilst inside this morning I heard the Gulls going mad outside so I ran to the garden and looked up and was happy to see a Red Kite drifting west over the house. The weather looks good for the next few days, typical as I am back to work tomorrow but hopefully a few shots will be taken during the week of Butterflies and Dragonflies. In the mean time, a few more shots of Small Blue, Duke of Burgundy and Dingy Skipper.

 Duke of Burgundy

Small Blue

Dingy Skipper


  1. Ive never seen a Dingy Skipper Marc, be a good one for my patch list :-)

    Anytime you want to come over and find some White legged damsels, just let me know :-)