Monday, 3 June 2013

A Westbere Walk for Dragons!

I had a brief walk after work at Westbere Lakes hoping to connect with a few Dragonflies, notably a Scarce Chaser which had been seen yesterday. The sun was shining but there was a strong breeze but despite this a good number of Dragonflies and Damselflies were noted. In the walk up to the river there were hundreds of Damselflies, most Azure but it was nice to see a good number of Variable Damselflies and Common Blue Damselflies. Quite a few Teneral Red Eyed Damselflies were noted with 2 seen mating along the ditch but a bit too far for the camera. I found a nice sheltered area where Blue tailed Damselflies were flying and then the prize turned up and landed nearby, a Scarce Chaser. I managed to get quite near and rattle off a few pleasing images of this beauty before it carried on hunting but often returning to the same patch to land.

Scarce Chaser

Near the river it was pleasing to see 6 Banded Demoiselle including 5 males. These are stunning insects to watch and again the camera was in some serious action capturing their superb colours.

 Female Banded Demoiselle

Male Banded Demoiselle

As I walked back 5 Hairy Dragonflies were seen and 2 Large Red Damselflies were watched, the first time I have seen them here. A very pleasant session with some nice species seen, I will post some more shots tomorrow of the visit.

Large Red Damselfly


  1. Those male Scarce chaser are rather special Marc, lucky to have them close by. Nice shots clearly the new toy is performing well.

  2. Awesome shots, Marc! You have a great variety of Damselflies!

  3. That Scarce Chaser is superb Marc, a good one for the collection :-)