Thursday, 21 March 2013

More Migrants Arrive

After a few early morning visits to Reculver to see if any migrants had arrived, this morning I got my reward when I found a Black Redstart (117) on the rocks below the towers. I did not have long but managed a record shot of the bird, complete with annoying twig in the way before it flew off and out of sight. Also in the area were 2 Scandinavian Rock Pipits and 2 Shelduck flew west. Hopefully the rain will hold off for tomorrow and allow another visit to see if any new arrivals have hit the patch.

Black Redstart


  1. You caught the Black Redstart, wonderful.

  2. Well at least something is arriving Marc, nice I mean Black-Red!

  3. Nice shot Marc, amazing that some migrants are arriving even in these conditions!