Monday, 11 March 2013

Freezing Rewards

With a couple of Glaucous Gulls seen today in North Kent and one probably passing Reculver at some point during the day I thought I would brave the freezing temperatures and gale force winds and have a look off Reculver Towers after work. Sheltering from the wind I spent an hour watching the Gulls moving east close inshore and hoped that a Glaucous would pass by with them. Unfortunately one did not pass and I still await seeing this species in the Reculver area, maybe tomorrow morning If I have time for a quick look off the towers. The trip was not wasted though as I managed a couple of year ticks in the form of 2 Little Gulls (112) and 2 Kittiwakes (113) which were feeding just below the towers with a number of Black headed Gulls. The light was bad but as I usually do, I managed a few shots of them just for the record. Other birds noted were c200 Herring Gulls with good numbers of Great black backed Gulls and lesser numbers of Common and Lesser black backed Gulls. 4 Sanderling flew east as did 1 Ringed Plover with 2 Turnstone and 1 Oystercatcher noted.

Little Gull



  1. Worth getting frozen for Marc....Great stuff.

  2. Love the flight shots! Nice ones, Marc!

  3. Marc ,
    That water certainly looks cold .
    Unlucky with the Glaucous , but two year ticks
    made it worthwhile .

  4. Yep, the weather seem awful in England as in the north of France...
    Lovely ambiance... the last one is superb!
    Cheers Marc!

  5. i discover the kittywake, very nice bird, thanks marc ☺