Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Look at the Heath!

It was only a few years ago that I realised that every day I had been travelling past East Blean Woods on my way to work and that this place was home to one of Britain's rarest butterflies, the Heath Fritillary. Since this discovery I have made numerous visits from late May to July to watch to watch these fascinating insects and as the years have gone by, tried to improve on photographing them. Last year saw excellent numbers around the car park area where after work in the late afternoon sunshine I remember seeing hundreds flying together allowing many photographic opportunities. It was quite some sight seeing the floor alive with them but if you arrived when it was cloudy, you could be unaware that they were even present. With May fast approaching I thought I would post a few appertisers of one of my favourite butterflies. If you have never been before and you live within driving distance, pencil a date in the diary and make a visit. If the weather is on your side, I'm sure you will be in for a treat! I know I will be back there this year looking for 'that' shot and enjoying this rare butterfly on my doorstep.

Heath Fritillary


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Outstanding work, Marc! So wonderful you share a name with this lovely butterfly!

  2. Nice one Marc, that date will be pencilled in by me this year, with luck. great shots

  3. Was lucky enough to see them "in the flesh" last year while visiting my son in Kent but although it was a bright sunny day there was a fierce wind blowing. Did manage to catch up with 3 or 4 of these delightful creatures and hope to see the numbers you describe in flight some time if i'm down during their flight period. Thanks for your directions originally for finding them. As you've mentioned in previous posts most people that passed while i was there were oblivious to these little stunners. I got a few stares as i hunted in the undergrowth before i finally came across my quarry.

  4. Keep posting the summery images Marc, it might just shunt this cold weather out the way!

    Great images though :-)

  5. Gorgeous photos of this "Heath"!!
    The close up on the wing scales is fabulous!
    Fortunately I have seen quite a few in the south of France these past years.
    If have read somewhere that the numbers of species and individuals is in serious decline in the UK..
    I hope it will be soon reversed.
    Congratulations for this beautiful series!

  6. excelent serie, and the little scales close up is impressive
    thanks marc ☺