Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Looking Back (Part 3)

I'm finally getting through some shots now. With so many taken this year there are lots I could post but I think I am nearly done now. One of my favourite shots of the year was the Barn Owl I took in the darkness. It just sat in the tree brightened by the headlights on the car and let me hang out of the window and get a few shots. More pleasing was that I was shooting on manual focus and the flash was going on. It turned out alright and paid back the many hours I drive around in the dark looking for Owls. Anyone knowing me well knows I have for the past 5 years or so wanted to see a Wryneck at Reculver. Iv'e missed a few normally because I am at work or cannot get out but all changed this year when I thankfully connected with this species and had lovely views in the Chambers Wall area. The photos are not much but that does matter on this occasion, a beauty of a bird and on the Reculver list at last. A late Snow Bunting lingered at Reculver this year and in a changing plumage showed very well for the camera as did some of the 3 Great White Egrets that frequented Stodmarsh a few moths ago. This shot was taken when it landed in the pool from the Reedbed hide. A new Kent tick was added with this Red breasted Goose as was the Olive backed Pipit at Chambers Wall which again made it on the camera but not the great shots I would have wished for. Again a great bird and only a few minutes drive from home. I will continue to work through some more shots as I suspect there are a few gems hiding in the files somewhere.

 Barn Owl


 Great White Egret

Red breasted Goose

Snow Bunting

Olive backed Pipit


  1. These are all beautiful! I especially like the owl and egret!

  2. I can see why the Barn Owl is one of your favourites Marc, its a cracker!

  3. Whetting my appetite for the new year Marc :-)

  4. Have a great christmas to you as well, and, I love the Barn Owl, fantastic.

  5. Just caught up with Part 2 and this one, brilliant stuff Mate. You have a fantastic array of shots to choose from and these are stunning.

  6. Hola Marc magnificas fotografias.Un saludo y Felices Fiestas