Saturday, 22 December 2012

Butterflies From 2012

As I write its been raining hard for hours and it looks like its set in for the rest of the day. Typical really, the first day of the holidays and eager to get out the weather spoils things, this seems to have happened a lot this year. With a bit of time this morning, this gave me the opportunity to look back through some of the butterfly shots I have taken throughout the year. As the years roll on, I seem to be photographing more butterflies and dragonflies and I certainly look forward to warm sunny days next year doing this. With so many photos to choose from, here are just a couple from this years selection.

Heath Fritillary 

Large Skipper 

Small Blue 

White Admiral

Hopefully I can get out tomorrow although the weather looks grim again. We shall see!


  1. The weather is grim indeed Marc, right into the foreseeable.......Still, I like your prediction of sun and warmth for next year! :-)

  2. You put a lot of hours in Marc for which you have been well rewarded with your photos. Merry Christmas.

  3. Lovely collection !
    Merry Christmas from Norway !