Saturday, 22 April 2017

Newly Emerged Azure Damselfly

With a little bit of warm sunshine this afternoon and the winds light and temperature around fourteen degrees celsius, I had a drive over to Shuart near Reculver to look for Hairy Dragonflies. I spent about an hour walking along the sheltered sunny rides where plenty of butterflies were on the wing and plenty of insect life could be seen but despite a good search, I couldn't find any but hopefully I can return soon a bit earlier in the day to have a look for them. After returning home about 4pm, I went out to look at the pond and could see a damselfly had already emerged and was next to its exuviae pumping up its wings and abdomen. I went and got the camera and spent a while sitting at the pond taking a few photos and as the colour started to come through, I could see checking the pronotum that it was an Azure Damselfly. A nice way to spend an afternoon and always a pleasure to obtain a few photos. With a few species now on the wing, I hope to get out weather permitting to enjoy the spectacle but with work in the week, I will have to hope that the weekends deliver the warm sunny weather for me to get out. 

 'Teneral' Azure Damselfly (male)


  1. Beautiful Azure Damselfly, I love it. Tell me please, what will they do the weather, will they be alright?

    1. Many thanks Bob. Hopefully this cold spell won't be too damaging. It's been pretty warm in east Kent lately so hopefully they will fair better. I think they can tolerate a little cold but for too long could be fatal.

  2. More wonderful obesrvations and images, Marc. I'm still waiting for things to start happening up here. May go out to check a place or two this afternoon, but it's clouded over at the moment - again!

    Best wishes - - Richard