Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Back to Norfolk!

With some sunshine and light winds forecast for late afternoon, I thought I would take a walk at Westbere Lakes to search the dykes for Norfolk Hawkers. On arrival at 3.45pm, it was a little cloudy and breezy although quite humid which I hoped would still make the dragonflies quite active. I spent about 90 minutes searching the dykes seeing 4 Norfolk Hawkers but by this time of year, I would of have expected more. I suspect with the dykes getting a little choked that they are inhabiting the many other dykes in the area. Around 5pm the sun broke through and it felt quite hot which encouraged a few Hawkers to become more active and start to perch up in the dykes. I spent a while hoping that one would land in an accessible place and after a few walks up and down searching, one finally landed quite near at a superb angle allowing me to grab a few pleasing efforts.

Norfolk Hawker (male)

With my 'shot of the day' in the bag, I made my way back  seeing 1 Hairy Dragonfly, 1 Banded Demoiselle and a few Damselflies. Hopefully over the weekend, I can have a look at a few other areas around Westbere Lakes to see if any other Norfolk Hawkers are to be found and if I find an obliging male on territory, maybe attempt a few flight shots.

Norfolk Hawker (male)


  1. Pleased to be back in Norfolk Marc, and I was, lovely place. Norfolk Hawker is excellent photos.

  2. Marc.
    Love the Norfolk Hawker shots. I am off to North Norfolk myself from Saturday. Must keep my eyes open when our and about. Been there many times and I have yet to see one.

    1. Thanks Ken. A striking dragonfly indeed and I hope you connect with them on your visit.

  3. Ooooooh!!! They just get better and better!!!!!