Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Newly Emerged Four Spotted Chaser

After returning home this afternoon about 4pm, the sun was still shining and it was quite warm in the garden. I went and checked the pond and noticed a Four spotted Chaser had emerged not long ago. I would have thought that it would have emerged earlier in the day as most of the literature suggests but I suppose the heat and the urge to emerge convinced it that it was time. I went and got the camera and luckily the Chaser had emerged on one of the reeds I had potted up in the pond which I could remove. I put it on the lawn which looking through the viewfinder, gave me a nice green uncluttered background and set about getting a number of pleasing images. I spent about an hour on and off as it slowly coloured up in the wings and body and although it may not have resembled a Four Spotted Chaser at first, it soon looked like one an hour later. After warming up, the wings opened up and not too long later after some wing buzzing, he made his maiden flight. Like yesterdays Broad bodied Chaser, this was another first photographing the Four spotted Chaser with its exuviae, just how do they emerge from this and end up a stunning dragonfly. Hopefully weather permitting, an outing at the weekend to see whats about and to try to catch up with a few other species and maybe, the odd photo opportunity.

Four Spotted Chaser (male)

Four Spotted Chaser Engine Room! 

Four Spotted Chaser Exuviae


  1. Beautiful Four Spotted Chaser, how do you get so close Marc.

    1. Thanks Bob. With a bit of patience, a macro lens and lots of shots taken.

  2. You're on a roll, Marc! Another terrifically beautiful series.

  3. Oh, what beautiful pictures! This dragonfly I have seen many times here. Today there was a small dragonfly, like I have seen before.