Friday, 7 August 2015

'Small' But Perfectly Formed!

With the sun shining this morning and a couple of hours free, I decided on a brief trip to a site near Reculver to see what was about. On arrival about 9.45am, I could already see Migrant Hawkers flying up and down the tall hedge line and it seems their numbers are building up nicely as a good number were seen again. I walked around most of the pool where I noted good numbers of Common Darter with some having just emerges as well a few Ruddy Darter noted. Common Blue and Blue tailed Damselflies were in good numbers and there were c10 Black tailed Skimmer seen over the water. Continuing on, I saw c10 Emperor Dragonfly and over the water were lots of Small Red eyed Damselfly. I wouldn't like to have a guess as to how many there were but a few hundred at least I would imagine. I spent the next hour in their company, watching them at rest on the floating vegetation and also saw a few mating pairs which gave me the excuse to try to get a photos of them with some success. With the job done, I made my way out stopping to get a few photos of Common Darter with a few mating pairs also seen. Weather permitting which looks good at the moment, I am off to Thursley Common tomorrow with Warren Baker of 'Pittswood Birds' fame. Hopefully we will have an excellent day finding and photographing the many species of dragonfly and damselfly this site hosts, some of which we do not get in Kent. Here's hoping for a busy camera day in lovely weather, fingers crossed!

Small Red eyed Damselfly (mating pair) 

Small Red eyed Damselfly (pair in tandem) 

Small Red eyed Damselfly (pair in tandem) 

Small Red eyed Damselfly (male)

Common Darter (mating pair) 

Common Darter (male)


  1. Love 'em Marc. Excellent images as well.

  2. Should be a good day tomorrow Marc, I think we may be too late for White Faced Darter, but you never know!

    1. White faced Darter does not occur there now. I believe they have been absent there for a few years now but hopefully they may be introduced back there in the coming years. We should see a good variety however and i'm sure the cameras will be busy.