Monday, 20 July 2015

Hairy Goodbyes!

The last few sessions I have had of late have failed to deliver any sightings of one of my favorite dragonflies, the iconic Hairy Dragonfly. I have found myself in mid April the past few years waiting for the first warm sunny days where I have ventured out to see the first dragonfly of the year on the wing. Iv'e often had a few no shows in mid April but the anticipation builds up until one session, you hear the buzz of wings take off and you watch as the Hairy Dragonfly flies off. I have had a few encounters this year and its always a thrill to get the first images of the year as they look in pristine condition. It seems that Westbere Lakes had not had the best year for them or either I have been unlucky for I have seen a few most sessions but not the numbers and encounters I managed last year, and especially not with the camera. My next mission with this species is to try to find some nymphs come the late summer which maybe I can photograph and rear through to emergence next year. Again, this would be a superb opportunity to photograph this event and one that I hope will maybe happen sometime. I might have seen my last this year but you never know, but here are a few photos from this year, some of which I have not published yet of the super Hairy Dragonfly.

Hairy Dragonfly (mating pair) 

Hairy Dragonfly (male)


  1. If you want some company nymph hunting give me a shout

  2. Beautiful images of dragonflies there Marc.

  3. Great these last photos of the Dragonflies Marc.

  4. One of Sues favourite Dragons.