Thursday, 9 April 2015

It was Inevitable!

With a family day planned today at Wingham Wildlife Park and the weather forecast looking very pleasant indeed from mid morning, I had a feeling that today would be a good day for a Large Red Damselfly to emerge from the pond in the warm sunshine. After returning from a nice day out mid afternoon, I popped out to the pond to see the inevitable, 1 Large Red Damselfly had emerged and was drying off but luckily one was still in the process of emerging. I quickly got the camera and leaning out over the pond, I managed to take a few shots. Once again, I missed the start of the emergence but ended up with a nice shot showing the emergence and 2 exuvia together. A check of the shallow part of the pond revealed a further 2 Large Red Damselfly nymphs looking like they will emerge soon, maybe tomorrow will be the day if the weather is nice and I can be in the right place at the right time. I have put in a few thinner stems so that they can cling on better and hopefully give me a better chance to capture at the right angle, that moment of emergence and the shots I want. I might also try a few early morning shots tomorrow if the weather conditions are right of the adult Large Red Damselflies, especially if its a bit 'dewy' in the garden early on.

Large Red Damselfly Emerging


  1. Large Red Damselfly, excellent.

  2. Thats a cracking image Marc,
    you can hang the camera up now, you wont do better than that!

    1. Cheers Warren, a very satisfying shot especially as it was rushed. I shall be back for more. Still waiting for the perfect shot, slowly getting there but its fun trying.

  3. Great moments of Mother Nature that you show us here.
    Thanks for sharing,