Sunday, 18 January 2015

Barn Owls - Done!

With a number of shots still to get through and the weather not looking that good outside, this gave me the opportunity to have a look through a few and do some up. I have waited many years for views like this of Barn Owls and to be able to get a number of shots of them has been very satisfying. Having borrowed a flash for the past couple of sessions really helped out and with advise from Chidders, I think I now have a good set of photos of this stunning Owl to be proud of. I think at the moment its mission accomplished with the Barn Owls but hopefully I will return later in the year for some more action. Weather permitting Its back to Reculver next week where my year list needs a big boost and hopefully I can continue to have success with the new camera which so far I am very pleased with.

Barn Owl


  1. You should feel very proud of these images.

  2. Superb images Marc. The new camera seems to be getting some good use as well!!

  3. Marc.
    Outstanding shots of the Barn Owl. You must be delighted with the results you are getting with your new camera.

  4. Lovely pictures of the Barn Owl, you have been gifted with the photographers tools.

  5. Oh dear, Marc, these are fabulous shots to be proud of indeed!
    We have them on our property, but I don't dare try to photograph them by fear of disturbing them since they are in the woods...
    I am thus quite pleased to admire your pictures :)

  6. A cracking set of images Marc

  7. Fabulous stuff, Marc! If I'd taken any one of these images I would, without doubt, consider it my photo of the year. Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on a job which is a whole lot more than 'well done'.