Sunday, 2 November 2014

A 'Common' Sight in November

I have commented on the last few posts that there are still some Common Blue Damselflies flying in the Reculver area. Most field guides that I have looked at say that there flight period is normally until the end of September, sometimes going into the first 2 weeks of October but with the unusually warm period that we have been having of late, they are still flying. I returned to the area on the 31st October and in warm conditions managed to find 11 of them flying. What I really wanted was to see my first November Common Blue Damselfly, now that would be late I think. I returned on the 1st November and quite predictably the sun was nowhere to be seen on arrival. Thick cloud filled the skies and there was even a bit of drizzle in the air. I walked around to where I had seen them the day before and found nothing. With the wind blowing quite strongly I could see a distant blue spell coming my way and thankfully after a few minutes the sun come out and stayed out for about 10 minutes. I returned to the sheltered now warm area and almost immediately found 2 Common Blue Damselfly warming up together. Fantastic, my first ever November records. I wonder how many others in the UK with see this species in November, not many I expect. Before I knew it the clouds soon rolled in again so a few quick shots were taken and I left them. A couple of Common Darter were seen on the way back to the car. 

Common Blue Damselflies


  1. A superb shot Marc!
    2 together although there might not be many around, fantastic!
    I took a photo yesterday of this species, but it was on the ground!
    November seems late to see them fly but we had very warm weather here.
    I even took a Blue (Southern) hawker in flight around my pool today, I will publish it tomorrow on Dragonfly World.
    Thanks for your kind comment about the Willow emeralds :)

  2. Looks like that will be it though Marc :-) Proper November weather now !

  3. Fantastic bonus Marc,out today i came across a Clouded Yellow.