Friday, 24 October 2014

The Mating Game

With the exception of a few species that are on the wing, the season is nearly over for another year. Most dragonflies and damselflies now are hopefully growing larvae of different sizes and for some, they will emerge next year and carry on the cycle. It was pleasing this year to capture a few species in the mating 'wheel'. I found with a steady and slow approach that I could get quite close and not disturb the action with the exception of the Norfolk Hawkers where there was a dyke in the way, but the result was still quite pleasing. I have posted a few of my favourites, nice memories of warm sunny days where all the factors worked out for the photographer. 

Mating Hairy Dragonflies

Mating Norfolk Hawkers

Mating Migrant Hawkers


  1. Clearly your in a league of your own now Marc when it comes to photographing dragonflies and damsels, have you worked out something equally as good in order to keep you occupied through the winter months - a book perhaps?

    1. Many thanks Derek for your kind words, much appreciated. Hopefully a few posts throughout the winter of some of the dragonfly shots I may not have posted, and a bit of reading as well up on odonata.

  2. Nice work marc,
    Things really do need to fall your way to get images like these, but a good dose of skill always tips the balance in your favour :-) Looking at those images its hard to believe the light was like that, the dimming of the light in the Autumn / Winter months just creeps up on you unnoticed, until you look back at the summer images!

  3. Cheers Warren. I do find the Sigma 150mm very good in low light, although I think it performs very well in good light. Just got to save now for a 7d!!

  4. Beautiful photos you have taken Marc.

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