Friday, 31 October 2014

Summer Returns!

The last day of October, and unbelievably it was about 20 degrees celsius when I was out at lunch time today. Rather than armed with hat, coat, gloves etc, I was in a t-shirt and it really felt like a warm summers day. With lighter winds I spent a couple of hours at Reculver to see what dragonflies and damselflies were on the wing. On arrival I could see a few Common Darter on the wing enjoying the sunshine and in the couple of hours there, I must have seen a minimum of 40 Common Darter, no doubt more were on the wing and went unnoticed. I spent quite a lot of time looking for Willow Emerald Damselflies and it took ages until I at last found 1 resting in the sunshine but out of reach of the camera. Most pleasing today was finding 11 Common Blue Damselflies around the reservoir, groups of 3,3,4 males and a single female which was some distance from the males. I spent some time getting a number of images of them and they could be the last ones of the year so I made the most of them. I'm very much hoping to get some tomorrow or Sunday, to get a November record of Common Blue Damselfly would be brilliant. Also seen today were 4 Migrant Hawker making for a very pleasant session in the sunshine. 

Male Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Wasn't that a cracking October day Marc! I reckon a November Common Blue Damsel is odds on :-)

  2. Marc,
    I had the amazing sighting this morning of a male Orange Tip out on the wing on the Swale NNR.

  3. Wow, Derek, that's unbelievable. I wonder if there is any records of this before, I bet there are hardly any.

  4. What a fantastic bonus,superb captures.

  5. Lovely Common Blue Damselfly, that one of the best, at this time.