Monday, 18 August 2014

Bring me Sunshine...... Please!

With the prospect of a couple of hours out early morning in the sunshine I left home at 5.30am and drove the 2 minutes to a site south of Reculver where I hoped to photograph a few damselflies with dew on them. The temperature was indeed a little cooler of late and the grass was quite wet as I walked through. The sun was just rising as I started to look for them and after a while I found a few but no dew was on them at all. Quite annoyingly the sun had not been up for long when the clouds rolled in and for the next few hours there was no sun at all, good old weather forecast, wrong again! I decided to see if I could find any damselflies on thin pieces of grass or sticks which had there eyes sticking out either side. I tried a few shots like this last year with reasonable results but as I found out today, the sun is a must for these shots as you are working so close to the subject and need as much light as possible to capture all the detail. I found a few ideal specimens and set out laying down on my front and taking a few shots of them. I had left the tripod in the car but laying the rucksack down in front of me provided an ideal stable support. I took a number of shots without too much success and conceded that this shot will have to wait for a sunny still morning when hopefully I can attempt this again, it past some time at least and was still good to try. Around 8.30am I decided to head off home for family duties and as often happens, I reached the car only for the sun to come through and start shining brightly, typical! Hopefully back out tomorrow for something with the camera about 10am when the family go out with friends for a few hours, either dragonflies or some birding at Reculver maybe.

Common Blue Damselfly


  1. Still nice images Marc :-) I struggled with the camera today as well, no light, and very little to photograph!

    1. I wasn't even going to publish this as its not that good, too noisy etc but its all I had to show today.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers John, think I can do a lot better if the sun gives me a chance!