Monday, 25 August 2014

A Rainy Day Doing Photos!

With the rain still falling heavily as I write and its been raining all day now and camping postponed until hopefully tomorrow if the weather lets off a bit, I spent a while this afternoon going through some Migrant Hawker photos that I have taken during the last week. This species can often be seen in good numbers this time of year and often allows a close approach which gives me a chance to study this species up close and grab a few shots. Weather permitting tomorrow I shall be off for a few days camping as we didn't want to get a soaking putting the tent up today but i'm sure I will be able to take my camera along and see what dragonflies are flying around the ponds or pond dipping with the kids, they seem to be good at finding dragonfly larvae for me to look at and photograph!

Female Migrant Hawker

Male Migrant Hawker


  1. Enjoyed the Migrant Hawker images today Marc, I wonder where they go in this weather and how long they can survive without eating ? Wednesday looks to be the pick of the days this week, the rest of the week isn't exactly camping weather!

    1. Having a nice boat trip at Grove Ferry tomorrow. Could see a few birds if i'm lucky.

  2. ....'but I'm sure will be able to take my camera along'....I'm sure too Marc!!

  3. Marc.
    The last male Migrant Hawker shot is terrific. Hope you manage to get plenty of pics when you are away camping.

  4. Brilliant Migrant Hawker there, I have missed seeing your work Marc.